All the Colours Of The World

Today I was stuck in my mind. Do you know the feeling? There is some barrier after which you can't reach no matter how hard you try. I decided to go for a short walk.

Usually my sister comes with me but not this time. She didn't have time. So I went for a walk on my own. Started to feel better already.

I started to think that all my efforts are still to get social confirmation.

But with no need to do that. Who cares for it (don't forget - I live in small village with about 600 inhabitants:).

I was walking cross the fields (one good thing to live on a countryside:) and there was this moment just before sunset. Have you catch it already? It was raining not long time before my walk and there were still some grey clouds around but the air was clean and brand new. The colours of everything was so deep. Alive. Green field of growing corn was even more green. Wheat was glowing in yellow. Houses of the village were as curved on the horizon. It was a moment of perfect beauty. A gift for my soul.


And at that moment another thought came through my mind. I am where I should be, I am as I should be, everything what's happened must have happened and everything will be alright if I carry on the path of love, hope and faith. No improoving needed.